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This is an older version of Eleventy. Go to the newest Eleventy docs (current path: /docs/ignores/) or the full release history.

Ignore Template Files #

Add an .eleventyignore file to your input directory (or your project root New in v0.7.0) for a new line-separated list of files (or globs) that will not be processed by Eleventy. Paths listed in your project’s .gitignore file are automatically ignored.

Example #

Filename .eleventyignore

node_modules Exemption #

If you do not have a .gitignore file in your project, the node_modules directory will be ignored automatically. This makes new Eleventy projects a little easier and helps developers new to Eleventy get ramped up easier too.

New in v0.9.0If .gitignore exists but is empty: if you have a .gitignore file and it is empty (or only contains white-space), node_modules will be ignored automatically.

Opt-out of using .gitignore New in v0.3.5 #

You can disable automatic use of your .gitignore file by using the Configuration API method: eleventyConfig.setUseGitIgnore(false);.

Filename .eleventy.js
module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {

When using .gitignore is disabled, .eleventyignore will be the single source of truth for ignored files. This also means that your node_modules directory will be processed unless otherwise specified in your .eleventyignore file.

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