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Nicolas Hoizey #

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nhoizey’s twitter avatarnho.ioThe personnal short URL manager of Nicolas Hoizey, using 1y, powered by Eleventy
Screenshot of https://nho.io
nhoizey’s twitter avatarNicolas HoizeyThe personnal website of Nicolas Hoizey, passionate about the Web and photography, among many other interests. Using Eleventy, responsive images with Cloudinary, Webmention, search with Algolia, etc.
Screenshot of https://nicolas-hoizey.com
nhoizey’s twitter avatarPack11tyPack11ty is an heavily opinionated Eleventy template project created by Nicolas Hoizey.
Screenshot of https://pack11ty.dev/
nhoizey’s twitter avatarPrecious PranaPrecious Prana is a wellness community that allows active mothers to recharge their batteries, to know how to manage their energy and to achieve a balance between personal, professional and family life.
Screenshot of https://precious-prana.com