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netlify’s twitter avatarAsk questions. Get answers.Gerald and Phil are collecting your questions and will answer as many as they can in a series of videos, tutorials and blog posts.
Screenshot of https://ask.netlify.com
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarHawksworxThe blog, playground, and generally a home on the web for Phil Hawksworth.
Screenshot of https://www.hawksworx.com/
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarJamstack Comments EngineAn example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify.
Screenshot of https://jamstack-comments.netlify.app/
netlify’s twitter avatarNetlify TemplatesThis is a board with templates for static site generators and boilerplates.
Screenshot of https://templates.netlify.com/
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarEvent listing from NotistAn example of Notist's JSON feed driving event listings on your own, pre-rendered site.
Screenshot of https://eleventy-notist-example.netlify.app/
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarMedium to Small JAMstackA demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feed
Screenshot of https://rss-jamstack.netlify.app/
philhawksworth’s twitter avatarSet Your Watch ByA static site generated clock! Runs a Netlify build every minute.
Screenshot of https://setyourwatchby.netlify.app/